How to Burglar Proof Your Windows

Quick Tips to Burglar Proof Your Windows

Doors might be the top entry point for burglars, but windows are a close second. First-floor windows are particularly vulnerable. It is why you be sure to implement every possible measure to reduce the risk of getting burglarised. Imagine losing valuables because you didn’t do everything you could to keep undesirables out. Regardless of the security of your neighbourhood or the alarm systems in place, always start with the basics. How well you burglar-proof your windows shows the commitment you have towards your security. Knowing where to begin can simplify things.

Always Close Windows

It sounds like an obvious solution to keeping your home safe, but you would be surprised by how many people overlook it. Over 30% of burglars occur through unlocked doors and windows. Some homeowners are careful about locking the doors but can easily forget about their windows. During the hot season, when your windows are open half the time, you need to be doubly cautious. Make certain that the locking mechanisms on windows function as required. Establish a routine of checking every window in the house before leaving and going to bed. After a while, it becomes second nature.

Insist on the Best Quality Locks

The lock on your window determines how much a thief or burglar would have to do to gain access. A latch, for example, opens easily when jimmied with a thin, flat object. The same way you might have high-grade locks or deadbolts on your doors, give windows the same treatment. Evaluate the available locking systems and select one that suits the installation whether it’s a sliding, hung or casement window. As you got locks on windows, consider the building’s occupants. If you have an elderly person in the house who may have to operate the lock, don’t make it hard.

Install Security Cameras

Include surveillance cameras in your security measures to provide layered protection. They are particularly useful if you are always away and need extra security. Depending on the size of the property, the number of windows and the possible risks, you may need a higher level of protection. Security cameras with a view of the windows can help prevent burglaries. The positioning of cameras matters. You can have some openly visible to serve as a deterrent. The others can go on the most crucial parts of the property. Remember to check out blind spots to get the best coverage.

Reinforce the Windows

You might close your windows every day with excellent locks and still be at risk of getting burglarised. If the glass on your windows is not strong, then a burglar can quickly break it, especially when no one is home. Use glass that improves security in your home. Invest in impact-resistant windows that require a significant amount of force to break. Window film, tempered and laminated glass are some of the alternatives to consider.

Use Window Bars

Fitting safety bars is one of the most effective approaches to window security. Metal bars not only act as a deterrent, but they also make it difficult to break in. Even if a thief gets through the glass, they would have to cut the bars as well. Some homeowners avoid bars and grills on the notion that they are unsightly. However, you can find safety bars in an array of designs and colours that complement the decor. If you decide to install bars, check the building codes. Strict rules apply when it comes to securing windows with bars. Get grills and bars that are easy to remove during an emergency.

With the correct protection measures, windows can be huge vulnerabilities in your security system. You must ensure that each window in your home is burglar-proof. Whether it’s adding bars or motion sensor, find a solution that works for you at